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Hello Everyone. I am Amol ganesh Popale, graduated from VNIT Nagpur. This blog is a genuine effort by me to create awareness among people about happenings around them. I will try to cover every update.

I have always been enthusiastic about agriculture, its techniques and reforms, local as well as national politics and sports. I have been following it since many years. As we have farming as family’s primary occupation, I keep on learning multiple things from that. Also I have been a significant part of sports team.

Also I have been socially active since my graduation days. I along with my team are in touch of many organisations and keep on helping them as much as we can. We try to support them economically as well as morally.

I follow a passion of finding out multiple new things in every sector. I keep on reading about that. I prefer to read diversified topics so that I can gain information about something in everything.

Nothing is as bad as being unaware of things happening around us in today’s society. I have been writing articles on various social media platform since many years. Now I think that the time has come to compile my thoughts and present it to you. I hope you will appreciate my efforts.

I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart.


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